Untitled Cocktail based on Manhattan by Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)

Sipped - Untitled cocktail based on Manhattan - Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)Who: Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)

When and Where: Rarb, 18 August 2017

Spirits and others: Sazerac Rye, Mancino Chinato

Ingredient: Orange skin (Shaved), Coffee skin (Brewed), Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Garnish: Orange twist, Karn’s Maraschino cherry, Bitter orange skin (Shaved)

Method: Stirred

Glass: Old Fashioned

Words: The sensual fragrance ties of citrusy bitter oil and soothingly bittersweet delicately stimulate the palette. There’s a tip mouthfeel of cool and fresh water that dynamically fuse with a rapidly touch of rye encountering Chinato and acidic fruity from coffee altogether. It’s not the end yet as the bitterness soaks your whole mouth and slowly deep-rooted.

Each sip deepens the bitterness but doesn’t cover other flavors. Yet, the cherry does steer the overall tasting notes into a more luscious and an exciting wine-like way. It’s a sipper that doesn’t lose itself when diluting and continue to give diverse kinds of fresh and bittersweet tastes.



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