Tender Observation: Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)

Tender Obsertation - Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)Karn Liangsrisuk (Karn)

กานต์ เลียงศรีสุข (กานต์)

He’s rarely appear at events or at bars because he chose to be off the grid. I can simply say he’s a bartender that’s gone rogue and likes to plays with time and sweetness.

You will be aware of his confidence and polite opinionatedness as he speaks. Tastes as he conveys them into his creations as well. He has been on the experimental path for years and still going daringly strong. He likes to use adapted methods and knowledge in ways that you might not usually see.

His movement is almost gradual but has fine use of drawing forces in swirling, pouring, muddling or twisting. In comparison, actions like stirring or shaking are mostly quick and very heavy. Additionally, I could not praise enough his precision. You won’t see the over-designated amount of liquid in a glass. Even when adjusting to a palette of guests, he’s able to tweak the ratio but never covers up intended flavors or character he wants to express. As complex as the liquid sounds. His presentation is very straightforward, a bit gritty and boldly old-fashioned.

Infusions, syrups and additional components are mostly made in small batches and could take months to years. Using carefully source domestic and foreign ingredients. Especially specials ones that will only be shared on rare occasions or with a specific person. As artisanal you may feel of his approach. He’s never been shy about using processed or the mass product like syrups and juices as long as it fulfills his projection of the drink.

The more you span your trail of flavors with him, the more you will taste how skillful he is in delivering various levels and dynamic of sweetness and expressing flavors of time aged-ingredient gives out.

Great Classics I’ve had: Last Word, Mojito, Negroni, Mahattan, Sazerac

Delightful Creations: I will write about them. Soon.

Currently at: Rarb

*This does not include customize drinks. (As of August 2017)