Places - Bangkok - Rarb 01            A tiny place decorated similarly to local Thai-style construction site which really sets up the mood for Isaan food. It’s all about delectable meaty Isaan dishes (no somtum here) and creative specials from chef Chalermpon ‘Van’ Rohitratana using quality ingredients and occasionally rare local finds from other provinces or another country.Places - Bangkok - Rarb 02           A part of it is a great bar run by Karn Liangsrisuk. He a can swiftly deliver both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to please your taste. Karn is also very good at using syrup, juices and unusual approach crafting up the mixture and experimental ingredients. Please note that the prices for some cocktails can be a bit higher than other bars but are well worth.Places - Bangkok - Rarb 03            Rarb sure has lots of contrasts and known for notoriously distinguish personalities, unlike other restaurant and bar venues. It is a notable spot that will give you a contemporary dive into nostalgia of local dishes and daring drinks. The presentations are usually simple but with comforting elements and complexity, waiting for you to experience.

Direction: 49 Phra Athit Rd., Phra Nakhon

Phone: 081-406-3773

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 17:00 – 00:00

Instagram: rarbbyescapade

*Specials and notices are announce on Instagram